Academic achievement

Academic Supports &Tutoring

Academic support refers to educational services offered to students in the effort to help them succeed in school.


Adaptive tutoring

Educational support is a personalized help followed by an individual coaching to allow the pupil to catch up with his or her studies.

Each child receives individual tutoring to meet his or her needs during the school year to overcome academic difficulties.

An increasing number of parents are seeking help from supplementary educational support for the school success of their children in primary education, more infos on

Online Courses

The pupil practices online with the assistance of online exercises and materials.

Group Courses

The child’s involvement in group tutoring is more significant.

Home Study

The home-teacher takes care of the child for a personalized follow-up.

Intensive Courses

Intensive courses allow the students to review and reconsider some notions.

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Exams and contests

Preparing for exams & contests

Group courses

Group courses

Integrate group courses to review and prepare for the baccalaureate and college entrance exams… and exchange with the different members of the group.

Online courses

Online courses

Sign up for online courses to prepare for the baccalaureate, college entrance exams, preparation for entrance exams to the prestigious universities and get exercises and courses specific to your needs.

Home courses

Home courses

Concentrate in a quiet environment and prepare for exams and contests with the support of personalized home school support.

Teachers online

Educational support for everyone

From primary to higher education

Educational support
Educational support
Educational support
Educational support
Educational support
Educational support

Quality educational support

Educational assistance

The goals of school support


Benefit from a personalized support defined according to needs and expectations.


Regain confidence through academic success and academic support.


Passing the school year, exams and post-baccalaureate exams with adaptive educational support.

Choosing the effective educational support

Specialized organizations for school supporting

Specialized organizations for school supporting

Before seeking support, contact a number of specialist organisations or government-approved education professionals. Do not hesitate to compare offers.

Specialized organizations for school supporting

Engaging a student

Engaging a student for academic assistance is another alternative. Prices are usually lower and the child will identify more easily with them.