School coaching

How do I find the right school tutor?

You dream of the perfect support for your child in the school environment. If you are looking for support, motivation, personal guidance and a better way of working, then choose a qualified and experienced coach. It is true that among…

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Tutoring at the primary level: How to assist your children well?

The school year has started and if you find that your child is struggling and needs help, there are several solutions available to you to provide personalized tutoring. The range of tutoring available is varied and allows you to choose…

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School coaching training: what is it for?

The school coaching training is not intended for teachers or professors but rather for a neutral person who will help a child or young person in difficulty. A school coaching accompaniment is limited in time unlike school support which can…

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School coaching: organization, orientation and motivation coaching

School coaching is gaining momentum because many parents are at a loss when faced with their offspring’s educational difficulties. Sometimes gifted children, high potential students are uncomfortable in the school environment and need someone from outside the education system to…

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The role of school guidance coaching in children’s academic success

It is often difficult for children to concentrate and motivate themselves at school. These attention problems can have serious consequences over time. Failure at school is the most common. To avoid this kind of worry, it is necessary to get…

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