Academic support in high school: first, second and final classes

With the start of the new school year, many parents prefer to be reactive and choose a personalised academic support for their child. There are many possibilities to benefit from tutoring and private lessons and it is easy to find the formula best suited to a child.

School support to improve a student's performance

At the beginning of the school year, many parents are looking for a solution to optimize their offspring's chances of success at school. To ensure good preparation for the baccalaureate, provide help in science or literature subjects, help the child with homework and review courses or stimulate a teenager who no longer wants to work, parents have a choice of several options. Children who have been a perfect student in elementary or junior high school can suddenly have dizzying drops in achievement. Parents are even more anxious when it's a baccalaureate preparation year or a crucial time for orientation.

What tutoring for a high school student?

The year of preparation for the baccalaureate is frightening for many students, including parents. A student's academic success can be boosted by a few occasional or regular tutoring classes in science, literature or languages. It is important to look for a form of academic support adapted to the child and talking about it with the child is a good choice. Home lessons, group lessons with a school support organisation, online tutoring, personalised lessons on Skype... Everyone has their own preferred method of working and agreeing with their child is the first step towards success at school. The senior year is difficult and there's no point in making it even more stressful and complicated.

Optimising a child's tutoring

Each child has his or her own tutoring formula. If you are looking for someone to give tutoring to your child, your teenager, look for a solution together and avoid imposing a decision on him or her. Set the hours of tutoring together because in high school, the school day is long and there are many tests and homework assignments. It is therefore important not only to think about setting private tutoring hours, but also to ensure that you create an environment that is conducive to work, with time left over for a good night's sleep, especially when you are in the final year of secondary school and all the teachers are focused on preparing for the baccalaureate.
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