Going Abroad: summer school programs abroad!

Today, international mobility has become a criterion for success. Deciding to spend a year of study abroad is often the first step in the internationalisation of a vocational training. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to finance studies abroad, which are often expensive, and many students seek scholarships.

Looking for an opportunity to study abroad

Schools and universities that offer open studies in international relations offer their students the opportunity to pursue part of their studies abroad or to do an internship abroad. Students who do not wish to "go abroad" for a full year can opt for a short summer program, another way of gaining a first experience abroad. Not all students can afford to be abroad for six months or even a year and obtaining a scholarship is not a matter of course. In any case, it is important to know that there is a good choice of training offers to go abroad somewhere in Europe, in another country or in an American university.

Why do we need to study abroad today?

Studying abroad is proof that a candidate is motivated and wants to succeed. International mobility has become a must, and it starts as early as higher education. Indeed, today people no longer wait to graduate to have their first experience abroad but decide to continue their studies for six months or a year directly in a foreign educational system. Short summer programs are another way to gain international experience and are designed for those who prefer a shorter stay abroad. It is not easy to get a place in a foreign school or university and some institutions are highly selective and only accept students with a very good record.

Studying abroad is an asset for your CV

Students who have spent a year studying abroad generally find it easier to integrate into the labour market. Indeed, international mobility is an additional reference on a CV because it proves that the candidate wants to succeed, is willing to make efforts and has better language skills than the one who has not moved. Today most training offers propose to study abroad because it is essential to be open to the international market.
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