How do I find the right tutor?

While some children do not need tutoring, others have difficulties and require the assistance of a tutor. Tutoring your child is a step that should not be taken lightly. As a parent, the choice should be carefully considered to ensure your child gets the best possible education. We will assist you in your search with some practical advice.

Why hire a private teacher for private lessons?

There are several reasons why you might consider hiring a private tutor. The first reason is to prevent your child from losing what he or she has learned on holiday, to give him or her a refresher shot. The second is to alleviate his difficulties. At this time, the tutor can intervene for several reasons: - The child has difficulties in a special subject, and needs a lesson to alleviate his problems; - He has difficulty concentrating and organizing himself at work. In this case, a private teacher is ideal to help the child to have a better concentration; - He can't do his homework. In this case, a private homework help class will be appropriate. In any case, whatever your objective, don't hesitate to have your child's opinion so that he or she is comfortable and can progress effectively. On this page you will find more information!

How to choose a good tutor?

To choose a good tutor for a private lesson, there are a few criteria to consider. First of all, choose a professional who is able to respect his or her commitments. The tutor must first and foremost be registered and work legally. You will therefore not have to worry about payment terms. Always choose an experienced teacher who has a perfect command of the subject taught. A bachelor's level is preferable for successful private lessons. Then, since communication is the basis of knowledge, select a private teacher who knows how to pass on his or her teachings and who knows how to get along with your child to solve his or her academic difficulties. Finally, choose a teacher with a proven track record in private tutoring. To do this, you can count on the references of his former students to judge the quality of his work. In this sector, word of mouth is recommended. Why is that? Because you have more confidence in a private teacher are recommended by a relative.

Looking for a qualified home school teacher

To quickly find a private tutor, it is recommended that you place a clear and detailed ad with all your requirements: whether in terms of timetables, objectives or difficulty. Then, you must be flexible in order to find a good term on the availability of your future teacher. Also, in terms of time, select weekends or evenings so as not to tire your child. In addition, choose a teacher with whom you can talk easily in order to have more information about his or her availability. Don't forget that we strongly recommend that you contact us before the first class to make sure that the profile matches your requirements in every respect. But where can you find good teachers? - On the internet for example: you can start by searching on a site specialising in teaching or on classified ad platforms. The web will allow you to find a lot of interesting profiles with good references. - In the classifieds: whether in newspapers, in local shops or through flyers, you will find multiple ads. You can also write your own ads like this, you will find profiles that match your requirements in every way.
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Private lessons: how to choose your home tutor?

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