How to be totally ready for a contest?

Are you in the home stretch to get into your dream school? The more the days go by, the more you wonder how the famous contest is going to go? Don't worry: notepad and pen in hand, here are the 4 keys to your success.

Get there in advance

Being anxious about an exam is natural, but putting off revisions until the last week before a competition is absurd. If you hope to succeed by eradicating stress, start your revisions at least 2 or 3 months in advance. Similarly, if you have any deficiencies, it is necessary to remedy them as soon as possible. Keep this rule in mind: the more you know about your subject and are comfortable with it, the more serenely you start a competition! Put all the chances on your side and don't follow friends who tell you "there's still time". There is time, yes, to study!

Organize your work

Your first order of business is organization. You can't start serious revisions if your coursework is flawed. On the other hand, it's up to you to break up your time so you know where to start. To do this, prepare a revision schedule by dividing up the subjects in a week. Target your gaps, they will act as an opening, and make sure to place a course that is pleasant for you after the one you don't master. Then, prepare revision sheets by chapter, putting together everything that is important. Finally, test your knowledge by asking yourself questions that are likely to fall on the exam.

Shhh, we're studying

If you want to have a quick review, you need to create a personal space where you will not be disturbed. If you're uncomfortable at home because of your little brothers and sisters, why not go to a library, for example? Yes, it sounds cliché, but at least you're in a calm and zen-attitude. Also, forget about the "connected revision" method of the phone in the middle of work. You have to enter a bubble of concentration that must not be disturbed by outside waves. Remove and put your phone aside. Remember: a good hour of quality revision is better than two hours of anarchic study. Give the preparation the time and concentration it deserves.

Familiarize yourself with the contest

This step consists essentially of knowing precisely the stages of the competition. Don't hesitate to ask questions and reread the sheets that may have been distributed to you to find out how long each round will take. How is the oral exam going? Is there an interview with unprepared questions that you will be asked? This way you know where you stand and you can prepare yourself accordingly. Why not take part in a supervised competition preparation to benefit from valuable advice from qualified people? In this perspective, you have white orals that can give you confidence for the final test. You can't pass a competition without knowing the ropes! You have everything you need for a serene and successful competition. You can have your own working methodology: the important thing is that it works. Remember, YOU are the only one responsible for your success!
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