International applications and admissions: How to proceed?

Today many students choose a post-baccalaureate course of study that allows them to continue their studies abroad during or after the training received in their own country. Engineering schools offer to spend a year in an international institution to open up to other horizons.  An international curriculum is a guarantee of success.

Choosing a course with an international career focus

Many institutions allow students to internationalize their studies by integrating one or more years of study abroad. Even at baccalaureate level, it is possible to stay abroad to discover other educational systems, open up to the world and meet students from all over the world. Today, the choice of courses and degree courses is immense and whether it is an engineering degree, training in digital technologies, computer sciences etc. each student can find a course that will allow him or her to achieve his or her professional project.

Good reasons to study abroad

Whatever the field of activity, as all recruiters and head-hunters confirm, it is important to internationalize a training course to succeed. International students are present in all schools and universities around the world because this criterion is a great asset for their future career. All fields are concerned, digital technologies, computer science, political science, economics etc. and this is why choosing an international education has become a necessity. Those who wish to pursue a career in science and research cannot escape it because the world has become a global village. If one plans to pursue long studies after the baccalaureate, to acquire multidisciplinary knowledge, it is essential to rely on languages from a very young age in order to be able to communicate with everyone and feel completely at ease.

Going international and opening up to the world

The courses that offer opportunities to go abroad are constantly being developed. Indeed, all schools and universities offer courses to internationalize one's education by going to study abroad for a semester, a whole year or even more. To obtain an engineering degree, a master's degree in journalism, political science, a degree in digital technology, etc., it is inconceivable not to have spent a more or less long period of time in an institution abroad. Whether it is at baccalaureate, Deug, bachelor or other level, internationalizing a career is an essential step towards professional success.
Obtaining the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE)
Passing IELTS (international English language testing system)

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