Language tests: how to be well prepared?

The time has come to test your knowledge and, above all, to take an internationally recognised language diploma that will allow you to work abroad without any problems. You know the date of the exam but, unfortunately, your studies are far behind you and you don't know how to prepare yourself to maximise your chances of success when the day comes. Don't worry, thanks to the Internet, online solutions are multiplying to give candidates leads to work. You will finally have the opportunity to show what you are capable of.

Websites specialized in training

Even if you are very comfortable speaking English or Spanish, this does not necessarily mean that you have the level to take an official exam for TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or DELE (Diplomas de EspaƱol como Lengua Extranjera). Questions of grammar, spelling and syntax, studied at school but often forgotten since then, can be dangerous traps and cause the candidate to lose many points. It is precisely to avoid these traps that some websites have specialized in TOEIC preparation By practicing regularly, revising grammar points and offering mock TOEIC exams, these work platforms will help you to reinforce your knowledge so that you can properly restitute it on the day of the test.

Bring the language into your daily life

Along with this TOEIC training, you also need to become familiar with the language you want to study. Even if you have a very good level of English, you won't impress anyone if you lack practice. Without speaking it regularly, a foreign language will rust very quickly, within a few years at the most. The automatisms disappear and you find yourself blocked in front of words or conjugations that you nevertheless master. To be at your best on the day of the exam, relearn how to use the language on a daily basis, at home or at work. There are hundreds of ways to do this, all of which are appropriate to your interests and personal abilities. For example, you can watch movies in their original version, first with French subtitles and then gradually remove them.

Stop thinking in French and everything will be all right

This is the last stage of preparation before your exam. It will allow you to be among the very best candidates. It is precisely this that allows the markers to make the difference between a passable candidate, who will just graduate, and the one who will receive the highest marks and the most brilliant assessments. Force yourself not to think in French, but to think in English, Spanish or German, depending on the test you wish to take. This is a key part of the TOEIC preparation. It is easy for a scorer to identify candidates who are constantly translating in their head from French to English. This is a common mistake, but it will never allow you to express yourself as a real English speaker. By thinking in English, avoiding the translation stage, this mechanism will gradually become natural and you will surely pass your test with flying colours!
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