Private academic support: find a private tutor close to you online!

Most parents are working and looking after their child's schooling is often complicated. If you feel that your child needs help with homework, reviewing lessons, look for a tutor close to your home who will take care of your child's schoolwork.

The benefits of tutoring

You don't have to wait until a student is failing at school to find a teacher to accompany him/her in his/her work. Many graduates offer private tutoring at home to deepen knowledge, review lessons and provide daily school follow-up. All student profiles can be concerned by private tutoring to improve their progress. Indeed, regular tutoring is potentially beneficial and the implementation of tutoring hours from the beginning of the year allows a child to improve his or her self-confidence and obtain better results.

Finding a teacher close to home

If you are looking for a good tutor, a home teacher, several solutions are available to you. To put all the chances of success on his side, it is preferable not to choose a teacher that the child has in class. Indeed, it is important that the "current" passes between the child and the teacher, whatever the age of the student. A good tutor profile can be that of a former teacher, a student expert in a subject or a person with good references in a discipline. Private organisations allow you to find a private tutor close to your home that will come to your home to provide one or more hours of tutoring for your child.

Ask the teacher for references

Finding a good tutor is not just a matter of curriculum. An applicant must have references, some experience, but what also counts is that the child wants to work with the person.  Albert Einstein always said: "It is the essential role of the teacher to awaken the joy of working and getting to know". Word of mouth is a good way to find a tutor close to you because you can benefit from a positive experience of school follow-up. Contacting the parents' association at your child's school can also be a good way to get in touch with a tutor in your area.
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