Private lessons at home: mathematics, physics…

In order to avoid having to deal with major school difficulties, many parents choose to intervene in the first few weeks after the start of the school year. Many students benefit from help with homework, follow-up of school work to reinforce or improve results. With the online platforms it is easy to find a tutor.

Search for tutoring for better success

"According to the education code, a dropout is a student who leaves secondary school without obtaining a diploma." The number of students with academic difficulties is increasing steadily. Many parents opt for regular, year-round academic support to improve their children's results. Parents who cannot afford to pay for home tuition can resort to free tutoring. Tutoring is available for all subjects and can be offered either by the schools themselves or through the parents' association.

Using online tutoring

Parents with children in primary education frequently opt for home-based classes. At secondary school level, they often prefer to switch to online courses because they make it easier to adapt to the time constraints of a busy schedule. There are a relatively large number of teachers offering online courses and each student can find a maths, French or English teacher... to remedy their shortcomings, boost their average and optimize their chances of success. Many private organizations offer online courses that meet the needs of all students.

Online courses to learn at your own pace

Online courses are the ideal solution for learning at your own pace without having to move around and staying in your usual environment. Private lessons in English, French, mathematics...all you need is a computer to make progress or to benefit from help with homework and to overcome your academic difficulties. Another notable advantage of tutoring and online courses is the financial aspect because learning this way avoids travel and related expenses. A student's progress is very easily visible as it is automatically recorded and everyone can see what they still need to learn to achieve better results...
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