Tutoring teacher: what does it mean?

Do you need pocket money, extra money to make ends meet, or simply want to go for individual tuition? Tutoring is for you. Find all the practical information, prices, tips and tricks for finding students and getting started.

Who can become a tutoring teacher?

Anyone who is at least 14 years old is allowed to give individual tuition. High school students can therefore opt for this solution to earn a little pocket money, but a higher level of education than the baccalaureate gives more credibility and makes it possible to claim better remuneration. Even if you're not going to be a teacher, tutoring can be an interesting little job if you're a good listener, patient and pedagogical. The hours are flexible and the pay is quite attractive.

What rates do you offer?

The cost of a private tutoring course is extremely variable. It depends on the level of qualification of the teacher, but also on the student's academic level: the higher the level, the more expensive the course will be. In general, a student can ask for at least 15 euros per hour. Some subjects are more in demand than others: this is the case for language and mathematics courses. Music lessons are also expensive, especially if the teacher comes from the conservatory (around 30 euros per hour).

How to find students?

There are several possibilities. Start by talking about it around you: your parents may have a colleague or friend who is looking for private lessons for their children. You can place classified ads around your home or on the Internet. Make sure that the people who contact you are serious. If you do not wish to use this method, you can also sign up with a private organisation that matches the supply and demand for tutoring.
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