Why opting for moocs?

When looking for a tutoring system, we tend to think of tutors first. But did you know that it is possible to take quality online courses? That's the great mission of moocs! To provide excellent teaching which is designed by experienced teachers all 100% online and to be followed at one's own pace. In this article, we give you many arguments to convince you to opt for mooc.

Learning in complete autonomy

Taking online courses goes beyond simply learning the basics of a program. Moocs allow you to develop a great autonomy of learning. Students can take them whenever they want, at any time of the day or night. It is a good way to give them a sense of responsibility and to teach them a form of rigour, which is sometimes very useful in university courses or preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles.

Relieving the pressure of the school curriculum

When you go to class in a school, it's not always easy to feel 100% comfortable. Between the shyest characters, the atmosphere of the class which can be disturbed and the teachers who have to take care of many students, some may feel lost and don't dare to ask questions. Choosing to follow complementary online courses is a good way to take the time to integrate the lessons. The course materials, available to students, allow them to come back to more complex concepts as often as they wish. This helps them not to lose their level, and to forget the pressure of the school environment.

Benefit from a personalized follow-up

The organizations that dispense mooc recruit professors emeritus. They also make it a point of honour to select teachers who are highly educational and who will be able to provide close support to students in difficulty.  The latter will thus be able to ask questions as soon as they feel the need to do so. They will also have access to a great deal of advice on how to implement more effective working methods.

Follow intensive online courses

In addition to the mooc, available at the time of their choice, students can also register for intensive courses online. The idea is to offer videoconferences in small groups, to give lessons on specific themes. The teacher conducts his or her lesson live, explains what he or she is saying through a board and can interact live with the students. This is an excellent way to boost the self-confidence of the students and to encourage learning through exchange.

Choosing the right learning system

Online tutoring professionals have designed a variety of teaching methods to suit individual needs. They offer online courses for all levels, from the second, first and final year of secondary school (all streams) to preparatory class programmes (commercial and scientific), as well as revision lessons for the various competitive entrance exams to the Universities. While the range of mooc is wide, it is also possible to follow it in different ways. For example, students can follow group courses, obtain private lessons or participate in videoconferences. As you can see, opting for mooc is a good way to follow online courses of all levels, at any time of your curriculum. The idea is to gain key knowledge to achieve your academic goals. It is a learning system accessible to all, which can be followed in a collective or personalized way.
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