How do I find the right school tutor?

You dream of the perfect support for your child in the school environment. If you are looking for support, motivation, personal guidance and a better way of working, then choose a qualified and experienced coach. It is true that among the many offers, it is often difficult to make your choice and find the perfect coach for your child.

The mission of the school coach

A school coach is not a tutor. His role is to accompany your child in a school setting to give him self-confidence, personalised help with this or that subject, stress management, daily organisation, help with homework, ... His mission is to help the young person in a global way, and to accompany him to communicate with his teachers and parents. The coach will help the child to get to know himself better, and to find all the solutions to reach his academic and personal goals. Since the creation of the school coach mission, the annual participation has increased from 10 to 15%. Compared to tutoring and private tutoring which involve significant costs (on the long term), school coaching proves to be more effective, and also faster. The role of the coach is to help the young person to follow the working method that suits him or her in order to be independent. This process is interesting because it is an incredible asset for the future of the young person, he will reach his goals more easily and autonomously.

When to call upon a School Coach?

The School Coach can intervene as a help in various situations, especially in case of demotivation or school phobia. If your child has been diagnosed as an "early child", and the results are well below his or her abilities, the intervention of a school coach may be recommended. Your child works on a regular basis and many, however, get only poor grades. If your child is doing serious work, however, he is totally unmotivated, and you ask yourself the question "How can I help my child with school phobia? "a collaboration with a school coach will most certainly be successful. If the young person is not able to organize himself in his work and is overwhelmed, or if you have tried several solutions and tests, a coach can be a very favorable help for his success.

Finding the right school coach

In order to find the gem, you need to look for organizations that offer qualified and experienced professionals. The school coach must have good experience in training, learning, teaching or working with young people. Good contact with children is essential. To find the caring person, you can go through an organisation with references. It is true that the coach must also be neutral towards the different schools. He cannot position himself or give opinions on schools, it is not his role. The coach must be adapted to the profile of your child. The important thing is to find the right person whose aim is to help the young person progress so that he or she becomes more and more independent. The child must feel comfortable with the coach, he will help him to regain self-confidence, both academically and personally. Depending on the age, the profile or the problems encountered by your child, you will choose a coach who addresses children and teenagers in primary or secondary school. If the young person has difficulties related to dyslexia, dysphasia or dyspraxia, then choose a trained person. In addition, academic coaching can also be tailored to specific subjects, or types of learning such as more playful approaches.

What is the profile of a good School Coach?

It is true that often if the child, thanks to his coach, manages to surpass himself and reach his goals, then he will also have more strength and motivation for other than academic expectations. Indeed, he will enjoy participating in sports competitions more, and these steps will help him in his everyday life to build himself little by little and be more comfortable in contact with others (without feeling directed by them). The school coach also helps to get to know each other better and to better define what the young person wants and does not want. His complete personality will be revealed. As a result, the results will increase with a better understanding. He will also be more attentive and concentrated. A school coach must know how to transmit the desire to learn to children. You will immediately notice if the coach is suitable for your child at the first meeting. S during the first coaching session, your child turns out to be open and speaks easily about his feelings, it's won.
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