School coaching training: what is it for?

The school coaching training is not intended for teachers or professors but rather for a neutral person who will help a child or young person in difficulty. A school coaching accompaniment is limited in time unlike school support which can last several months.

What training is required to become a school coach?

A school coaching training can be more oriented towards organization, orientation and motivation coaching. It is out of the question to become a school coach because in order to practice this profession, it is essential to first follow a solid training that allows you to master the tools of school coaching. Several universities and private organizations offer training courses in school coaching that are sanctioned by a professional certificate that certifies that the candidate has the knowledge necessary to practice this profession. Helping children and young people in their school career, providing support to improve their self-confidence, teaching them how to better manage stress, are part of the professional objectives of a school coach.

School coaching, an exciting job

At a time when the school system is often questioned, school coaching is very successful. Faced with school failure, lack of motivation, lack of self-confidence of children and teenagers, many parents are looking for a solution and rely on the techniques of school coaching. The school coach is not a private teacher or a guidance counsellor, his role is neutral and aims to help a child or a teenager to succeed better in the school system, find a career path that he likes, gain self-confidence, develop a more effective working method etc.. Many young people are disgusted by the school environment, give up and suffer academic failure as a fatality.

How to choose a school coach

Your teenager's behaviour makes you feel sorry for yourself, your child doesn't want to work at school... and you have decided to look for a school coach to help the child find his way around and overcome his difficulties. To choose a school coach, it is essential to find a coaching professional who has followed a solid training and who is a graduate of a coaching school recognized for the quality and seriousness of its teaching. It is essential to make sure that the current passes between the school coach and the child because it is an essential condition of success to unblock a situation and progress.
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