Tutoring at the primary level: How to assist your children well?

The school year has started and if you find that your child is struggling and needs help, there are several solutions available to you to provide personalized tutoring. The range of tutoring available is varied and allows you to choose between several support systems, whatever the level of education.

Individual tutoring

Home tutoring is a good solution to help a primary school child overcome his or her difficulties. Some pupils are in difficulty from the beginning of the school year and it is preferable to set up school support quickly. You can have the child followed by a private person who offers tutoring and who will help the child learn to read, calculate and do homework. When you return home after a long day's work, homework will be finished and the child who has done his or her work quietly will be able to progress better. In some schools, parents' associations offer this kind of support, especially at primary school level.

Consolidating a pupil's level

From the first few weeks of the school year, we can see that a child needs personalized support to help him or her succeed better or help with homework. In terms of tutoring, there is a plethora of options available, but it is important to find out about the different options available. Many tutoring agencies offer supplementary tutoring to the school system to review the day's lessons or to deepen knowledge. The choice is between online courses or home tutoring to supplement or revise the day's lessons. You can choose between several support options, once, twice a week or more...

Accompanying a child's schoolwork

At the primary level alone, an increasing number of children are finding it difficult to learn to read, calculate and do evening homework. Many parents opt for home tutoring either by a private individual, a teacher or by an organization specializing in this field. In recent years, online tutoring has developed considerably but at the primary school level, the preference is for private tutoring at home which is better adapted to the needs of a young child. In this way, primary school pupils learn to master reading and arithmetic and to acquire a method of working.
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