School coaching: organization, orientation and motivation coaching

School coaching is gaining momentum because many parents are at a loss when faced with their offspring's educational difficulties. Sometimes gifted children, high potential students are uncomfortable in the school environment and need someone from outside the education system to help them cope.

When should school coaching be used?

Every student may need a few sessions of academic coaching at some point in their schooling. Indeed, whether one is in the presence of a child or teenager who is failing academically and who is accumulating school support sessions, or a gifted student with high potential, a few coaching sessions will be a relevant approach to regain self-confidence and take responsibility in a positive way. Some teens have difficulty finding their way, setting up a coherent study project and motivating themselves to reach the goal. A motivational interview with a school coach outside the school environment and followed by a few coaching sessions frequently helps to unblock the situation and solve the problem. The child regains confidence and conceives his destiny differently.

Make an appointment with a school coach

The decision to use school coaching must be made by mutual agreement between the parents and the child. Procrastination is never a solution, on the contrary. Lack of motivation and self-confidence is a frequent phenomenon among children and teenagers, even if they have a certain intellectual precocity. High-potential children can find themselves in a situation of academic failure precisely because they are gifted and cannot integrate socially. It is essential to choose a well-trained coach so that the child agrees to discuss with him/her problems of working methods, lack of motivation, self-confidence etc. During the first interview, the presence of one of the parents is desirable.

Succeed in your studies with a guidance coach

Many high school students arrive in senior class with no idea what they would like to do later. Using academic guidance coaching allows a teenager who is struggling to find his or her way, to define a path that will allow him or her to access the profession of his or her choice. The motivational interview is the first step in determining a student's tastes, to be able to focus on a more precise project and to positively project oneself on a study cycle.
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